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Definition and current offers of non-sticky bonuses.

The most important things to know about the non-sticky bonus.

  • With a Non-Sticky Bonus, the deposited real money and potential winnings can be withdrawn at any time.
  • A payout is therefore also possible if the wagering requirements of the bonus have not yet been met.
  • This bonus is particularly popular among players because it does not freeze the real money balance and potential winnings.
  • The term "Non Sticky Bonus" can be translated into Irish as "Nicht klebriger Bonus."
  • In this article, we will demonstrate the various ways in which legal online casinos You can currently receive a Non Sticky Bonus.

What is a non-sticky bonus and how does it work?

With a Non Sticky Bonus, players have the flexibility to withdraw their deposited real money and potential winnings at any time. This means that a withdrawal is also possible even if the bonus wagering requirements have not been met yet.

A Non Sticky Bonus is the better choice for many players in the casino because it ensures that the real money balance and winnings are not frozen, which is advantageous for players. However, most bonus promotions are Sticky Bonuses, which means that the funds are held until the wagering requirements are met.

And how exactly does a Non Sticky Bonus work?

  • You make your deposit and receive the bonus funds into your bonus account.
  • Ensure that you wager the bonus at least once, so that the non-sticky bonus becomes active.
  • If you want to withdraw real money or your winnings, you can do so at any time without restrictions.

Listed here is a small illustration of a non-sticky bonus. Let's assume a bonus amount of €100 and a wagering requirement of 30 times the bonus.

Example of a Non-Sticky Bonus
Deposit 100 €
Bonus 100% up to €100
Total funds for playing with bonus and deposit. 200 €
Sales requirement 30x Bonus
Total revenue before bonus payout. 3.000 €

At any time, you have the ability to withdraw the real money balance and potential winnings in your player account. However, the bonus amount is only eligible for withdrawal after completing a 30x wagering requirement.

That's not the case with the Sticky Bonus. In such a scenario, you would need to fulfill the turnover requirement completely before being able to make a withdrawal. If you choose to withdraw before that, the bonus will be cancelled.

It is possible that when you have a sticky bonus, you may have to wager not only the bonus amount but also the deposit amount. If there is a wagering requirement of 30x the bonus and deposit, it would be 6,000€ in total if you have a 100€ bonus and a 100€ deposit before you can make a withdrawal.

Is a non-sticky bonus tied to wagering requirements?

A non-sticky bonus is typically linked to specific bonus conditions. You must consider these conditions if you want to make the bonus withdrawable. The following are usually relevant:

  • Wagering requirements
  • Sales period
  • Maximum bet
  • Games allowed
  • Minimum deposit

The No Sticky Bonus for online casinos is only available if the minimum deposit has been met. Often, this can be as low as a minimum deposit of €10 or €20. Typically, the bonus amount must be wagered between 30 and 50 times within a specified time frame. To ensure eligibility for withdrawal, players must fulfill the wagering requirements within the allotted time period.

The duration of turnover can fluctuate significantly. It's ideal to have a minimum of 20 to 30 days given to fulfill the turnover requirements. This allows you, as a player, ample time to achieve the bonus turnover. However, always pay attention to the permissible games as well. You should also take into consideration a maximum bet per game round.

Does a bonus without wagering requirements count as a non-sticky bonus?

Certain online casinos offer bonuses without wagering requirements. In principle, such bonus promotions can also be considered as non-sticky bonuses. If such a promotion exists, no funds will be locked.

PlayOJO currently offers a bonus without any wagering requirements, meaning you can receive the bonus without having to fulfill any bonus conditions. This allows you to withdraw the funds directly. Take advantage of this unique opportunity at PlayOJO.

Which legal online casinos offer a Non Sticky Bonus?

Currently, there is only one authorized internet casino that offers a Non Sticky Bonus, and that is Novoline. At Novoline, you can currently benefit from a Non Sticky Bonus of 100€ along with 50 free spins on Book of Ra. To withdraw your deposit or any potential winnings, you only need to wager the bonus amount once.

Beim Willkommensbonus von Novoline handelt es sich um einen Non Sticky Bonus.

These are the terms and conditions for the Non-Sticky Bonus offered by Novoline.

  • Minimum deposit bonus: €10
  • Minimum deposit free spins: €25
  • Sales bonus: 25x
  • Wagering free spins: 25x
  • Validity of the free spins: 30 days.

Are non-sticky bonuses allowed in licensed casinos?

Non Sticky bonuses are allowed in licensed and therefore legal casinos in Ireland. Such bonus promotions are generally considered to be particularly fair, as players do not have to make specific turnovers to withdraw their real money balance.

However, it is not only non-sticky bonuses that are available in the online casinos approved by GGL. In many cases, they offer typical sticky bonuses, which means that withdrawals are only possible once the wagering requirements are fully met.

Is the non-sticky bonus more common in casinos than the new or existing customer bonus?

When a casino offers a non-sticky bonus, it is often aimed at existing customers. With such a non-sticky bonus, the operators aim to reward their loyal customers. There may be exclusive promotions for existing customers and VIPs that have been specifically tailored to them.

However, new customers can also benefit from a Non Sticky Bonus. However, since this promotion is less lucrative for online casinos, new customers usually receive a Sticky Bonus. If players receive a Non Sticky Bonus, they can request a withdrawal at any time in the event of a big win, without having to meet any specific wagering requirements.

Naturally, this is not in the operator's interest. Therefore, most actions are designed in such a way that players have to wager a certain amount x. After all, the goal of online operators is to make money.

Non-Sticky Bonus vs Sticky Bonus: Which bonus promotion is superior?

When it comes to determining which bonus promotion is superior, there is a clear answer: the Non Sticky Bonus. The Non Sticky Bonus comes with significant advantages for players. Of course, one must also consider the disadvantages. Here, we provide you with an overview of the pros and cons of Non Sticky and Sticky Bonuses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Sticky Bonus

  • Payout without losing the bonus Thumbs-Up
  • Separating the management of bonus and real money accounts for increased clarity Thumbs-Up
  • There is no obligation to use the non-sticky bonus. Thumbs-Up
  • There is no particular risk present. Thumbs-Up
  • Revenue generated exclusively from bonus funds. Thumbs-Up
  • Repeatedly exclusively for existing customers. Thumbs-Down
  • There are rarely any corresponding offers available. Thumbs-Down

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Sticky Bonus.

  • Available in many online casinos. Thumbs-Up
  • Available for both new and existing customers alike. Thumbs-Up
  • Higher bonus amounts are often possible. Thumbs-Up
  • Payout is only possible after fulfilling turnover requirements. Thumbs-Down
  • Usually higher sales requirements Thumbs-Down
  • Loss of bonus upon prior withdrawal. Thumbs-Down

What alternatives are there to the non-sticky bonus?

There are several alternatives to the non-sticky bonus. Knowing about the alternatives is crucial since there are only a few non-sticky bonuses available. Some of the popular bonus promotions include:

  • Classic 100% welcome bonus: Make your first deposit and receive a 100% bonus. This is a typical sticky bonus.
  • Reload Bonus: For returning players, there are reload bonuses. These promotions usually involve sticky bonuses, requiring you to fulfill the wagering requirements before making a withdrawal.
  • No deposit bonus: The No deposit bonus An exciting alternative can be to receive the bonus amount as initial credit after registering. However, the amount is usually quite low and comes with increased bonus requirements.


A Non Sticky Bonus is less profitable for operators of online casinos. After all, players always have control over their deposit amount. They do not need to generate any specific turnover to access the real money balance.

Finding the most exceptional non-sticky bonus offer can be quite challenging given the rarity of such promotions. It is worth highlighting the PlayOJO no wagering bonus, which closely resembles a non-sticky bonus. Unusually, this bonus does not come with any wagering requirements, making it a highly sought-after opportunity.

Most of the time, activating a non-sticky bonus is done quickly. Frequently, the bonus is credited automatically. However, there may be cases where the bonus needs to be requested in the customer account or through customer service.

In Irish, the term "Non Sticky" translates to "Nicht klebrig." So, if we're talking about a Non Sticky Bonus, it would mean a "nicht klebriger Bonus."