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The top 10 1-cent slot machines compared

Perhaps you belong to the cautious players and prefer to place only very low bets. Maybe you also have only a few remaining credits available, but you still want to make the most of them. It could be that you are looking to spend your remaining balance wisely. If you find yourself in any of these situations, we understand your needs and have got you covered.

The quest for slots with a 1-cent stake commences now. However, locating 1-cent slots is not as straightforward as it may seem. Usually, they are predominantly 5-cent slots or even slot machines that allow bets starting from 10 or 50 cents.

To save you from the arduous task of searching for the finest penny slot machines, we have carefully selected ten thrilling slot games. Allow us to present to you a brief overview of the top casino games that can be played with just a penny wager. Furthermore, we will disclose the licensed casinos where you can enjoy these exhilarating slots.

The top 10 1 cent slots in overview

🎰 1 Cent Slot ➡️ Casino featuring the slot machine
Book of Ra Wunderino
Master of the Sea Novoline
Bullfighter Mercury game
Legacy of Dead EUspielothek
Doom of Egypt Lock magic
Book of Dead Netbet
Pharaoh’s Rising Lion Play
Pharaoh’s Tomb BingBong
Rising Treasures Lord Lucky
Flame Dancer Lapalingo

Book of Ra

Book of Ra ist der beste 1 Cent Slot.

The most essential information about Book of Ra.

  • 💶 Minimum bet: 1 cent
  • 🚀 RTP: 92,13%
  • ⚖️ Volatility: High
  • 🎰 Manufacturer: Greentube
  • ➡️ You can play the slot game at this casino. Wunderino

This is how the Book of Ra slot works:

The Book of Ra slot machine is well-known and popular among many individuals. It features a conventional 5x3 grid, which adds to its appeal. There are a total of 9 paylines, but you have the option to adjust them as you please. It is even possible to play with just a single payline, allowing for a minimum bet of 1 cent.

The game stands out for its simplistic nature and captivating features. Among these is the risk function, where upon achieving a victory, you have the option to click on Gamble. With a stroke of luck, your winnings could potentially be amplified.

To achieve a profit in the first place, you will need either 2 or 3 identical winning symbols on a payline from left to right. For high-value symbols, 2 will suffice. To obtain a win with lower symbols, a minimum of 3 identical symbols is required.

The Free Spins feature is particularly important and lucrative. Free spins are triggered when at least 3 books are present on the game field. In this case, you will receive 10 free spins, which can contribute to high winnings. The book also has the ability to substitute other symbols. Additionally, this symbol is payout-worthy.

Master of the Sea

Lord of the Ocean

The most crucial aspects of Lord of the Ocean:

  • 💶 Minimum bet: 1 cent
  • 🚀 RTP: 95,10%
  • ⚖️ Volatility: High
  • 🎰 Manufacturer: Greentube
  • You can play the slot in this casino: Novoline

This is how the Lord of the Ocean Slot works.

Lord of the Ocean is one of the all-time classics in online casinos. The game Lord of the Ocean is played on a 5×3 grid. It features 10 adjustable paylines, giving you the flexibility to choose between 1 and 10 paylines.

Naturally, the best chances of winning come when you have all the available paylines at your disposal. Slot machines from this manufacturer are characterized by several peculiarities. The same goes for the Lord of the Ocean Slot. It offers free spins with special symbols and a risk function.

In the Lord of the Ocean slot, winnings are generated whenever at least 2 or 3 matching symbols are found from left to right on a payline. Naturally, the more winning symbols form a combination, the better it is.

The activation of free spins occurs within the game through the scatter symbol. To enjoy the free spins with special symbols for higher winnings, three symbols are required. During the free spins, winnings are tripled. There is also a payout when at least three scatters are present on the game field.

By the way, you can also increase your winnings. There is a gamble feature. Once you've made a profit, you can choose whether to accept the winning amount as it is or take a chance to boost the sum.


El Torero

The most important things to know about El Torero:

  • 💶 Minimum bet: 1 cent
  • 🚀 RTP: 96,08%
  • ⚖️ Volatility: High
  • 🎰 Manufacturer: Mercury
  • You can play the slot game at this casino: Mercury game

This is how the El Torero Slot works.

The El Torero Slot is a 5×3 reel slot machine filled with 10 paylines. The paylines can be adjusted. To start with just 1 cent, you would need to activate the lowest bet and only one payline. Now you can play for a small amount of money.

In order to claim a prize, a minimum of 2 or 3 matching symbols is required, depending on the symbol. Evaluation always occurs from left to right. The highest possible win is achieved when 5 identical symbols align on a payline. The game features a wild symbol, which can substitute for other winning symbols and contribute to a winning combination.

The game's unique feature lies in its free spin function. When 3 bulls appear on the game screen, you will trigger 10 free spins. These spins come with wild symbols and have the potential to bring impressive winnings.

If you win during a game round, you have the option to take a risk. You can choose between the card risk and the risk ladder. With a little luck, you can significantly increase your winnings. However, keep in mind that you can lose everything.

Legacy of Dead

Legacy of Dead

The most crucial information about Legacy of Dead is as follows:

  • 💶 Minimum bet: 1 cent
  • 🚀 RTP: 94,51%
  • ⚖️ Volatility: High
  • 🎰 Manufacturer: Play’n GO
  • You can play the slot in this casino. EUSpielothek

This is how the Legacy of Dead Slot works:

Legacy of Dead, developed by Play'n Go, is a slot game with 5 reels and up to 10 paylines. To play with a minimum bet, you need to select the lowest wager available, starting from just 1 cent. Additionally, you are allowed to choose only one payline. Naturally, your chances of winning increase significantly when all paylines are active. Make the most of your gameplay and unlock the potential for big wins!

When playing Legacy of the Deceased, winnings are generated when at least 2 high-value symbols or 3 card symbols come to a stop on a payline from left to right. The most valuable symbols have the potential to yield 5,000 times the initial bet.

When the wild symbol appears on the game board at least 3 times, things get really exciting. In that case, you'll be rewarded with free spins. These free spins come with an expanding symbol. The feature can be triggered again, allowing for up to 9 expanding symbols.

By the way, the Legacy of Dead slot also features a gamble option. If you manage to win, you have the opportunity to multiply your winnings with a stroke of luck. The odds of increasing your winnings depend on the chosen mode, either 25% or 50%. Sometimes it's also wiser to collect the amount you've already won.

Doom of Egypt

Doom of Egypt

The essential information about Doom of Egypt:

  • 💶 Minimum bet: 1 cent
  • 🚀 RTP: 94,25%
  • ⚖️ Volatility: High
  • 🎰 Manufacturer: Play’n GO
  • You can play the slot machine at this casino. Lock magic

This is how the Doom of Egypt Slot works:

Doom of Egypt is a distinctive 5-reel slot created by Play'n Go, standing out from the crowd with its unique design and numerous features. The game offers 10 paylines, which can be selected to your preference. Therefore, you have the flexibility to choose between 1 and 10 paylines for potential wins.

With just 2 winning symbols, you can already start racking up the winnings in the game. However, these symbols must be the ones that fit the theme. As for the card symbols, you'll need at least 3 of them to line up on a winning payline. The evaluation is always done from left to right.

Expanding symbols can lead to fantastic winnings. It gets really exciting for you when three beetles appear. The scatter symbol (the beetle) earns you free spins. You need at least 3 beetle symbols on the playing field. 10 free spins are guaranteed for you in the next moment. Free spins come with expanding symbols.

In the game Doom of Egypt, there is also an integrated gamble feature. The card risk is accompanied by 2 modes. You can choose between red or black if you want to take advantage of the 50% chance for a higher win. However, it is also possible to choose a card symbol in the colors red or black. In that case, the odds are only 25%.

Book of Dead

Book of Dead

The most essential information about Book of Dead:

  • 💶 Minimum bet: 1 cent
  • 🚀 RTP: 96,07%
  • ⚖️ Volatility: High
  • 🎰 Manufacturer: Play’n GO
  • You can play the slot at this casino. NetBet

This is how the Book of Dead Slot works.

Book of Dead is a highly renowned and well-liked slot game that comes with a plethora of intricacies. Accompanied by the adventurous Rich Wild, you embark on an expedition through the mystical land of Egypt. Within this captivating journey lies the opportunity to unearth awe-inspiring treasures and witness a substantial surge in your player account balance.

You can play the book slot with up to 10 paylines. Wins occur when at least 2 high-value or 3 low-value winning symbols appear on a payline. It gets exciting when the scatter symbol appears.

The game's scatter symbol is represented by the book. If you manage to land 3 scatter symbols, you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. However, these are not your average free spins. These spins come with expanding symbols that have the potential to lead to substantial winnings.

Furthermore, there is the customary gamble feature, which is well-known for Play'n Go games. The card risk is available as an option. If you choose the color red or black, there is a 50% chance of increasing your winnings. Alternatively, you can opt for a card symbol, but in that case, the chance is only 25%.

Pharaoh’s Ring

Pharaoh's Ring

Pharaoh’s Ring: The key points to remember about it.

  • 💶 Minimum bet: 1 cent
  • 🚀 RTP: 95,16%
  • ⚖️ Volatility: High
  • 🎰 Manufacturer: Greentube
  • You can play the slot machine at this casino. Lion Play

This is how the Pharaoh's Ring Slot works.

Pharaoh's Ring offers an exhilarating 5×3 reel game experience crafted by Greentube, featuring a remarkable assortment of 20 paylines. The flexibility in adjusting the paylines allows players to opt for a single line play if desired. Nevertheless, the odds of securing a win are significantly amplified when all the lines are activated.

In the game, you will come across symbols that allow for a payout with just 2 matching ones. These symbols are known as the premium winning symbols. On the other hand, symbols with lower value only generate a win when you land 3 identical symbols on a payline. If you're feeling adventurous, you can use the Gamble feature to boost your winnings.

The game comes with unique features, among which is the Free Spins feature. When 3 Scatters appear on the game board, 10 Free Spins are awarded. Prior to the start of the Free Spins, a special expanding symbol is determined. The potential for impressive winnings in Free Spins mode is noteworthy. Free Spins can be retriggered in Free Spins mode.

There is another feature called Extra Bet available as well. In the upper section, you have the option to select the Pharaoh's Ring symbol. Eventually, the symbol can appear on reels 2 and 4, substituting for other symbols.

Pharaoh’s Tomb

Pharaoh's Tomb

All you need to know about Pharaoh's Tomb:

  • 💶 Minimum bet: 1 cent
  • 🚀 RTP: 96,07%
  • ⚖️ Volatility: Medium
  • 🎰 Manufacturer: Greentube
  • ⬅️ You can play the slot in this casino. BingBong

This is how the Pharaoh's Tomb Slot works.

In the Pharaoh's Tomb Slot, everything unfolds in ancient Egypt. Embark on a journey of discovery where you encounter numerous scarab beetles, tombs, ankh keys, and more. The game is played on a conventional 5x3 grid, offering up to 10 paylines for potential wins.

To obtain a profit, a minimum of 3 identical winning symbols must be present on a payline. In this game, the evaluation always proceeds from left to right. As such, identical symbols must be present on a line across the first 3 reels.

In the game, there is a wild. The wild symbol has the ability to substitute for all other symbols. Consequently, the symbol can sometimes be the key to good fortune. Should a crucial symbol be missing on the payline, this winning symbol can step in and assist in achieving a win.

The free play mode deserves special mention. You will receive 12 free spins when at least 3 scatter symbols appear on the game board. By the way, during the free spins, the symbols are upgraded. This allows for higher winnings to be achieved.

If you've managed to secure a win in the game, you'll also have access to a gamble function. Choose between black and red. Perhaps luck is on your side, allowing you to significantly increase your winnings. However, it can also go the other way at times.

Rising Treasures


The essential details about Rising Treasures:

  • 💶 Minimum bet: 1 cent
  • 🚀 RTP: 95,02%
  • ⚖️ Volatility: Medium
  • 🎰 Manufacturer: Greentube
  • ➡️ You can play the slot game in this casino. Lord Lucky

This is how the Rising Treasures Slot works.

Embark on an exhilarating journey through diverse temples in the Rising Treasure Slot. Along your tour, you'll have the opportunity to uncover magnificent treasures, unlock treasure chests, and strike it rich. This 5-reel slot is equipped with 20 lines of potential winnings, but there's no obligation to select all of them.

To secure a win, you must have identical winning symbols lining up from left to right across the paylines. A combination of at least three symbols of the same kind is required to form a winning combination.

Furthermore, expanding wilds are present on reels 2, 3, and 4. They fill up the reels in both the base game and the free spin mode. With the exception of the scatter symbol, they can substitute for all other winning symbols.

In the Rising Treasures Slot, you have the chance to unlock 12 free spins. To trigger this feature, you need to obtain 3 symbols depicting statues. Once achieved, you will enter the free spin mode where wild symbols expand to cover entire reels. Moreover, within the free spins, there is a possibility to activate extra rounds at no additional cost.

Of course, the game wouldn't be complete without the presence of the gamble feature. With a stroke of luck, the winnings you've already obtained can be significantly multiplied. However, be cautious, as there's also a chance that you might lose your entire prize.

Flame Dancer

Flame Dancer

Everything you need to know about Flame Dancer:

  • 💶 Minimum bet: 1 cent
  • 🚀 RTP: 95,29%
  • ⚖️ Volatility: Medium
  • 🎰 Manufacturer: Greentube
  • You can play the slot game at this casino: Lapalingo

This is how the Flame Dancer Slot works.

Flame Performer is a mesmerizing and vibrant slot game that beckons you to dream. Naturally, this 5x3 reel game with up to 20 paylines isn't just aesthetically pleasing, but it also boasts several features that will boost your balance. Get ready to be enthralled as you step into the realm of this captivating slot, where every spin holds the potential for incredible winnings.

To secure a win, you must obtain at least three identical winning symbols from left to right on a payline. Once accomplished, you have the option to take a risk and make use of the gamble feature. Through the card risk, you can further increase your acquired winnings, or risk losing them entirely.

In the game, there is an expanding wild (Fire Performer), which can replace any other symbol in the base game. By expanding to cover the entire reel, it can offer you many more chances. The Flame Dancer symbol is also relevant in the free spins mode.

The Flame Dancer slot is perfect for those who enjoy thrilling Hawaiian nights. It guarantees an immersive experience with its captivating gameplay and vibrant graphics. To trigger the exciting Free Spins feature, players need a minimum of 3 Fire Stick symbols to land on the reels. Once activated, they will be rewarded with 7 free spins, accompanied by generous wild symbols and increased winning opportunities. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Flame Dancer slot game.


Naturally, one should not expect significant profits when placing bets as low as 1 cent. Additionally, in games with such a minimal wager, typically only one payline is active. Consequently, the likelihood of winning is generally diminished.

You can also play most 1 cent slots in demo mode. Once you have signed up and verified yourself at the authorized online casino, you can try out the various games.

If the games are not excluded in the bonus terms, you can also use the slots with low stakes to meet the wagering requirements. However, it can also be very tedious to achieve the corresponding turnover with just 1 cent.

To begin with, the game can be well explored and tested by opting for lower stakes. This way, the risk of losing a significant amount is minimal. Especially for novices, this presents a favorable choice and an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the game.