How to play video poker?

Video Poker just like an ordinary poker would have five cards to be dealt, and the objective is to have the best hand ever in every set of game. Though the hand is not the best but a player just formed a winning hand, no matter how low or high the hand is, it is still a win for the player. Except of course if the hands formed is lower than a pair of Jacks, it is the time the player loses. One thing more difference is that the player in video poker is playing without any other players as opponents, the player here is actually fighting against the computer. So the pot here does not depend on how much the players would bet, no raise, no call, no check, just deal. Video poker is actually more on entertainment side rather than gambling because it is actually fun. With the knowledge on video poker strategy, players have the more probability of winning because this is the only casino game that the player may have an edge better that the house.

There are actually different variations in the rules of video poker, but the difference are just minors as not to be noticed anymore because of its slightness. And the major rules are still the same no matter what variation of video poker the player is being engaged to.

Video Poker Rules

  1. Place a bet – to some of the machines, players need to insert coin to activate the game, but most of the online casinos nowadays, a deposit is needed and the players would choose a denomination of coin as a bet. The stake that the players put would have a corresponding amount of rewards. Again just like any other games not only online but also land-based, the more coins bet, the higher the prize win, also the higher the bet, the more risk of losing bigger amounts.
  2. Deal five cards – there are machines that the player needs to click first the deal button before the machine would show five random cards to the player, there are also some that is automatic already after putting a bet.
  3. Select a card to hold – from the five cards that the machines dealt, select a card from which you think that could form a good hand, a player may select one, two three, four or all of the cards that are shown.
  4. Make a deal – after selecting which card you think can be the best to hold, click the deal button, on this time, the cards that are not selected would be replaced by another random card by the machine.
  5. Payout time – if the player ends up with a good hand after holding some cards and discarding the remaining not selected, the player would received the prize reward depending on how much he had bet and the payout also depends on the payout tables that is actually displayed on the screen.
  6. There are some video pokers machines that give the player the chance to double up the win by clicking the button double up. This is case mentioned above that only some machines apply. The following rules are not applicable to some machines that does not have this opportunity.
  7. After clicking the Double up Button, the machine would again deal five cards but only the first card is shown up.
  8. Then the player would need to select one card from the four cards that are faced down which the player believe is higher than the card that is shown up.
  9. If the player had chosen a card higher than the card shown by the machine, the prize won by the player is doubled. But if the player had chosen a card lower than the shown card, the original prize that is supposed to be won by the formed hand is also discarded.
  10. This can be done up to three times unless until the player fails to choose a card higher than the shown card.
  11. If the card chosen is just the same from the shown card, the prize that is originally for the formed hand would remain the same.
  12. If the player wishes to stop the game and plans to get the winnings if ever, the player would just need to click the Cash out button to stop the game.


Factors of Considerations:

Players would have a win whenever he formed a hand with a pair of jack or higher, meaning if the hand formed is pair of ten or lower, the computer beats the player and the house gets the pot.

The following are the winning hands that deserve a winning prize equivalent to the displayed pay table on the machine.

a. Royal flush – a combination of straight and flush involving an ace. Usually paid by the highest amount to be rewarded.
b. Straight Flush – Five straight cards with the same suit, no ace is included. Usually paid 50 times the bet.
c. Four of a kind – Four cards with similar suits. Usually paid up to 25 times the stake.
d. Full House – Three similar cards plus a pair of card. Usually paid up to 9 times the stake.
e. Flush – Five similar suit cards. Usually paid up to six times the bet.
f. Straight – Five consecutive cards with different suits. Paid up to four times the bet.
g. 3 of a kind – Three similar rank cards. Usually paid up to 3 times the bet.
h. Two pairs – Two pairs in one hand. Usually paid up to two times the bet.
i. One pair. One pair in one hand. Paid similar to the amount bet.

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