History of Online Casinos!

In accordance with the development of life’s standard, enhancement in the way of living of everyone and even in the advancement of the technologies, life now almost revolves in an electronic square tube that provides almost everything under the sun. This is internet we should thank for, we can find, we can try, we can learn and we can even have something we need or want from the internet. Parallel on this, after the evolution on the internet, online casinos had also been evolve some quite time right after the internet’s progression. Online casinos became the mainstream instrument for the communal to use because it offered almost all of the games that can be played on a brick-walled casino. It was 1994 when a lot of companies created different software that would be suited for each of the games on the internet. Online casino operators thought of the way how the players could put up some amount to bet and vice versa, they also thought of the processes on how the players can withdraw their winnings.

The Pioneer!

It is believe that the longest running online casino which started it all in the world of online gaming is “InterCasino”. It is the very first online casino in the internet and still one of the most famous online casinos until now. The mastermind in processing the game software and the financial transactions on the internet happens to be “Microgaming” which still is one of the most used software in an online casino world nowadays. “Cryptologic” is also one of the pioneers in empowering game software and taking charge of internet money matters. Of course there are a lot of innovations and enhancement on the online casinos in the latter part of its progression as compared to the time it was introduced.

Earliest Winners!

The very first multi-thousand US dollar winner was in an online casino called Caribbean Online Casino in 2001, after winning 400,000 US dollars in a progressive slot game and considered to be the biggest win during that time. After that lucky day for one particular player, winners became luckier as the jackpot prize also became bigger and bigger and the first winner has been followed by other winners almost every year. Now, it is believed that there are around more or less 4000 online casinos and online casino like websites. And winners of bigger amounts are becoming more and more because not only one game of each online casinos offer an amount that would probably change the players’ lives, but almost all of the games have their corresponding jackpots at stake.


The Pros!

Majority of the countries made their move to rightfully enjoy the game as well as many of them pave their way for online gambling. Africa’s Sun International Hotel affiliates with Boss Media to make use of their software that they have been using for their land based casino on their own version of online gambling. Argentina, Isle of Man, along with Gibraltar begins to issue licenses to online betting websites. United Kingdom are doing their best to make online gambling be authorized not only under their jurisdiction but also around the globe. 2001 when a bill was passed to the authority to confirm the legalization of any form of internet gambling in UK as there no much opposition on England, that is why Gambling Review Report was issued to strongly suggest the confirmation of legalization during that same year. This issued report made UK’s politician to draft a gambling bill that would automatically legalize any form of internet online betting and allow also some land based casino operations. In 2005, this bill has been finally approved with some restrictions and limitations that should strictly be followed such as no minor players, avoid heinous crimes related to gambling, the insurance of the software being fair and the honest report on monthly payout percentage. Nowadays, there are more than 90 percent of the countries are operating online casinos while some countries limits the jurisdiction on allowing other players on the online gambling but restricted to their own residents.

The Cons!

As time passes by, online casinos retain their popularity and enhance the ranges to a global jurisdiction. Although there are some countries that did not go along the way because online gambling in the United States became illegal. It happened to be against the law in some major territories such as South Korea and France. In 2001, United States conquers UK by doing all that they can to put totally an end to online gambling by lawsuits, bills and legislations. Online gambling antagonists in the US created 2 major anti online gambling bill that includes the prohibition of credit cards of any kind to be used in gambling online. This is also the reason why there are a lot of processes and ways in depositing and withdrawing a certain amount from the gambling website. But we honestly believe that there is still some state in the US that has been allowed to gamble on the internet.

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