Beginners’ Guide to Online Slot!

If a player is completely new in playing online slot, this article would definitely help that player to know something about the game. It is very important to have knowledge on anything that you would start engaging yourself. It is like fighting in a battle without knowing who your opponents are or running into a contest without knowing the procedures of playing. 20 Top Casinos´ is aware on this matter, in fact, we in the website had prepared very important page to learn about online slots. It is documented that slot machine games is considered to be the top grosser game or the biggest money maker both on online and in a land-based casino, as it is also the most played games as per the players’ choice themselves. If you as a player feel that you bring an extra luck in your pocket, 20 Top Casinos´ is suggesting that you play and use that luck with you to the slot games which can probably make you win the chance of a lifetime rewards that possibly can change your life forever.

Online Slot!

From the term itself, online slot means a slot game on the internet. Players must need an access to the internet browser to be able to play this game. Although it is quite different with the land-based slot games, the only difference lays between the betting processes which is more complicated in an online slot games rather than in a brick-walled casino. But this difference did not obstruct its popularity as online slot games now is one of the most popular games in the world of casino gambling. It is also considered the most profitable game as 80% of any online and land based casino revenues came from this kind of games. Not to mention that slot games also has the biggest reward that can be offered to any players who would be able to acquire the jackpot winning combination.

Why is the term slot used? Slot means slit, opening, gash, cut, tear, nick or incision. This is called slot because the player needs to insert a certain chips or coins to a machine’s slotted part for the players to begin to play the game. This process of playing slot games has started ever since this game has invented. Of course this is applicable since then because there are a lot of differences nowadays due to the development and innovations on the computer era such as the use of the registered cards or a ticket with its corresponding amount to play. Online slot has also different processes and rules in accordance with playing. Here, it doesn’t need for the players to insert coins or use card to play, although it is more complicated to start playing online slot because of the complexity of depositing an amount. If a player has no credit card or a debit card, players would still need to create an account to any bank affiliates to be able to begin playing online slots.

Slot Machines!

On the slot section of a brick-walled casino, you will notice a lot of machines that have different styles and designs, these are slot machines. There are slot machines that have three reels; some have 4 or 5 reels depending on the machines’ designs. These reels are about to spin when a player pulls the lever on the side of those old machines or pushes the buttons of the newer machines. In online slot, the players just needed to click the image that tells the text “spin” and then impromptu, the reels would spin automatically. There are different terms that describe slot machines depending on its origin and country base, for American English, it is called simply “slot machine”. It is called “Fruit Machine” for British English, though it is unofficially proclaimed. “Poker Machine” or “Pokies” for Australian English and it is called simply “slot” for Canadian English. Though differs in terminologies but the essence of the game is just the same. All of them have also the same objectives, similar descriptions and mostly have similar rules.

The Objective of Online Slot!

The players’ goal in acquiring a triumph with playing slot is to achieve a certain combination of images that can be resulted to the outcome of the reels after spinning them. There are slot machines in a land based casino that has more than one combination to be acquired to be able to win a prize. Some online slot also does this, more than one up to 20 combinations can be dreamt to be acquired. Winning combinations are posted and presented to the players by displaying them whether to the monitor itself in an online casino or displayed besides the machines in a land based casinos. Corresponding prizes are parallel to the winning combinations. There are combinations that can make the player win multi thousand dollars or a big jackpot and there are also combinations that just give the player smaller amount of prizes. Some winning combination can give the players extra spin or just a multiplier on how much had the players already acquired. Players need not to worry specially the beginners if they are not that familiar with how to win and how to acquire that winning combinations as the images on the reels are symbols that can easily be determined. During those introductory stages of the slot machines, shapes such as bells, hearts or diamonds are those images on the reels. In the modern day of slot gaming, slot machines innovate and enhance the features of the images on the reels. Slot machines nowadays use animations such as cartoon characters, famous movie characters and popular artists are used.

A Brief History!

1891 when a New Yorkers Pitt and Sittman invented the game Slot with a number of drums representing five poker hands. No rules yet, no procedures and no prize and yet, the game had been able to caught of the attentions of the enthusiastic gamblers. Since then a lot of similar games had arises, like the Liberty bell which was invented by Charles Fey. Liberty Bell seems to start the history of the real slot games as this was acknowledge in the Las Vegas strip in Flamingo Hilton hotel. Though very different from the modern slot machines, it only differs on weigh and what was made of, but the designs especially the images on the reel are quite similar. This Liberty Bell can still be found in the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno until this very time. Fey who invented this was never satisfied as he developed it to produce a new slot machine called Operator Bell Slot. Fruit designs has never been popular since then in fact, some of the slot machines and even online slot machines still use this fruit designs as their one of the varieties of their slot machines.

History of slot games is not just about its popularity because there are also fall down as this was considered illegal gambling on a certain point of time. A lot of slot gaming villains popped out, antagonists and anti gambling groups made their move to disengage players to this kind of games. However, as the slot games being antagonized, it merely become more popular as a lot of different slot machines have been introduced. More developments and innovations on this kind of machines to attract more players are used. Cards images such as heart, diamond, spades and flowers are used; even cartoon characters, movie leads and even popular actors are used as the images for the reel.

Now, almost all of the gaming websites, including social networks have their own slot gaming as online slot game has not only been popular, it is only one of the most famous, most played and most moneymaker on the world of internet gaming.

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